Kennel Adentro Breeding Xoloitzcuintle with Love

C.I.B., Fi Ch, Lt Ch, Ee Ch, Lv Ch, Balt Ch, Lv VCh, Ee VCh, FiW -08, LtW -09, BaltW-09, EeW-10, BaltVW-15, FiVW-15, FiVW-16, BISS2, BISS3, Fame Factory's Exclusive "Gael"

Xoloitzcuintle Standard

Date of birth 22nd of may 2007

Hight 58 cm

Father Tlauhquitenco Tlaloc

Mother Classic Joy Carmen

Breeder Emma Hanson, Sweden

Owner Nina Virtanen

Knees 0/0, eyes healthy

Hips A/A, elbows 0/0

 Gael is a silly "little" boy wanting to do things right, but somehow almost everything goes a little wrong at the end. Sweet darling, mum's babyboy with a heart of gold.

 Gael has done really well in the showrings. He is C.I.B and champion of 4 countries. He has also made me realize, that obidience suits him. He is a quick learner and loves to do tricks.

Gael is a little lazy boy, who loves sun shine and all warm places. He sleeps most of the nights under my planket.

Gael's offsprings:

- Kennel Adentro (26.07.2009)



C.I.B. Fi Ch, Ee Ch, Ru Ch, Ee J Ch, Lv Ch, FiJW-11,  EeW-12. HeWi-12, FiW-12, FiW-14, HeWi-16, BISS2      Fullibus Super Trouper "Fuego"

Xoloitzcuintle standard

Date of birth 8th of september 2010

Hight 58 cm

Father Extra Elegant Element of Desire

Mother Fullibus Super Nova

Breeder Lisbeth & Malin Kallunki

Owner Nina Virtanen

Hips A/A, elbows 0/0
Knees 0/0
Hear & Eyes healthy


 Fuego is a little dog in a big dog's body. Careless, happy, full of life and love.

Compact body, full dentation, free movements, great temperament, what more can you ask? Fuego visited 5 puppyshows and was BOB-puppy 5 times! And above it all he took group placement (BIG2) being the first standard xolo-puppy in Finland who did this.

Fuego "collected" 12 finnish cacs' and became Finnish Champion on his 2nd birthday. He was also BOB & BISS II at Pemeka Open Show (16 standards xolos).

Fuego's offsprings:
- Kennel Tecuani (Russia)
   (born 21.09.2012)

- Kennel Adentro (born 28.01.2013)

- Litter in Russia (born 22.01.2013)





RTK1, RTK2, RTK3, Adentro Ichtaca "Sisu"

Xoloitzcuintle Standard, coated

Date of birth 28th of january, 2013

Heigh about 55 cm

Weight about 22kg

Father Fullibus Super Trouper

Mother Adentro Xochiquetzal

Breeder Nina Virtanen

Owner Nina Virtanen

Sisu's kennel name means "secret inside" and I guess it was his secret that he will stay with me. He was reserved many times as a little puppy, but somehow all reservations got cancelled. Destiny or something else it doesn't matter. This sweet, happy and quicly learning little man will stay with me to live with his dad and grand-dad.

We train rally-obidience together and compete now in highest master class. Sisu is a lovely dog to train with and I hope he will be rally champion one day.




Tecuani Adela Nocturna "Adela"

Xoloitzcuintle Standard

Date of birth 1st of june 2006

Passed away tradically 19th of october 2010.

Hight 46 cm

Father Tjentavr Ajger Obessa

Mother Harmeks Floris

Breeder Julia Karjakina, Russia

Owner Nina Virtanen

Hips A/A, knees 0/0

Elbows 0/0, eyes healthy


Adela is a combination of little miss princess and fierless hunter. Her favorite thing is to chase rabbits, squirrels, birds, Gael, you name it. When hunting she can run through  almost everything (she has even tried to climb to a tree), but in normal state sometimes muddy field is just too much.

At home Adela keeps the Gael & Nieve in order and she thinks that she is keeping me too. But at the dogshows she gets shy and doesn't feel comfortable. She has one certificate from the only show she was showing well in the ring.

"Just a dog. Like a diamond is just a rock." I miss you forever.