Kennel Adentro Breeding Xoloitzcuintle with Love


May 2017

Lots has happen this year!

Sisu and I have trained rally a lot and competed also with some good and some not so good result, but 13th of may we got 3rd and last qualified results from winner class and got a degree RTK3! So for now on we will compete on rally's highest class! Well done my dear Sisu!

Also we have visited some dogshows with good results. Fuego was BOB at Lahti on March 26th and May 14th. Gael was BOB-veteran at Lahti on May 14th. Little girl Anya got 3rd CAC 14th of may and is now Finnish Champion! She will have her health tests done soon, so maybe we'll have puppies one day.

Adentro Tlazopilli "Nacho" was health checked also with perfect results (hips A/A, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0, eyes clear, hearth ok).

10.-11.12.2016 Helsinki Winner, Voittaja 2016

Fuego gain another title Helsinki Winner 2016 on Saturday as he was best male, BOS (and CACIB).
On Sunday Gael was as happy as always in the ring, was BOB-veteran and got title Finnish Veteran Winner 2016. Anya got excellent.


Sisu and I started training agility! He seems to like it and we continue to train agility (and of course rally too!).


Once again a succesfull trip to Lahti. Fuego was this time the only standard in the ring, but neverteless he was BOB + CACIB. Our judge was Erja Nummi from Finland.

30.07.2016 Sukaro Open Show.

Erika Häkkinen was our judge in our club's Open Show. It was a lovely warm summer day! Little dog showing and more food and talking with friends.

I had Fuego, Gael, Sisu and Anya in the ring. There was 7 standards entered.

Fuego was once again BOB and eventually BIS3! Gael was BOB-veteran and BIS2-veteran. Sisu did great, he was BM3 and Anya BF2.

03.07.2016 Speciality Show

This year's Speciality Show we had 8 lovely xolos in the ring. Our judge was Bengt-Åke Bogren from Sweden. He loved Fuego and made him best of breed with super nice critique. Fuego's son Naco ( A.Tlazopilli) was BM2. Anya and Sisu (A. Ichtaca) both got VG.

Our breed club had BIS-competition between all the BOB-dogs in hairless breeds (xolos and peruvians) and Fuego was BIS1 !!


Tammela all breed dogshow was another great show for my lovely Gael. Breed specialist from
Sweden, Karl-Erik Johansson, was really impressed about him all together but especially for him to be so hairless. Gael was BOB & BOB-veteran. Well done happy Gael!


Gael's first show for this year went excellent! He was a little too energetic and didn't behave like a veteran at all, but despite that he was first BOB-Veteran and then also BOB! There was 3 standard xolos entered; Gael, Anya and Gael's grand daughter Lempi (her father is Leo, Adentro Citlalli). Anya was BOS and got her 2nd CAC, Lempi was BF2 with RES-CAC. Good day!

23.4. 2016

Sisu and I took participated to rally O's 3rd/winner class for the first time. No results for us this time, but there was some promising parts in the track also. We will keep on competing in May.


First show for this year went smoothly as Fuego was BOB with CACIB at Lahti international dogshow. Our judge was Esa Ruotsalainen from Finland and he gave Fuego really excellent critique.
Also Sisu and I have trained rally two times a week this year and have made some progress. 9.4. we went to compete unofficially for the first time in "winner/3rd" class. Still some mistakes, but we will keep on practicing.


This was the 10th Finnish Winner show for me in a row and once again with some great results!

Fuego EXC2
Gael BOB Veteran, Finnish Veteran Winner 2015
Anya BOS, CAC, Finnish Junior Winner & Finnish Winner 2015

Our judge was Ricardo F Saldana from Mexico.


Today was Anya's 3rd puppyshow and she was BOB-puppy for the 3rd time! There was 4 standard xolopuppies in the ring, 1 male and 3 females. Well done Anya & Merle!


Kennel Adentro has it's 6th Finnish Champion! Adentro Yaotl "Dono" was BOB and got his last CAC needed today at Porvoo national dogshow. Our judge was Marja Talvitie from Finland. You are such a gooood boy Dono!

Dono's father Fuego also became Finnish Champion at Porvoo 3 years ago.



Anya was BOB-puppy with very nice critique at Vantaa all breed dogshow. It was raining a lot, but she was still ok in the ring. Well dony Anya! She is now 7 months old.


Once again great showday with my favorite boy Gael! He was BOB-veteran and BOS at Tervakoski Int. Judge was Kalvo Kriisk from Estonia. He liked Gael very much and said he is in top condition. Well done Gael! 



Gael and I had a blast at Baltic Winner Show in Estonia! There was 2 standard males entered to our judge Miroslaw Redlicki from Poland. He still liked Gael (like in Latvia a month ago) and he was BOB, BOB-veteran, Baltic Veteran Winner and Estonia Veteran Champion. He was so happy in the ring, we both were.


Another historical day for Kennel Adentro! Milo (Adentro Tlacaelel) from my first litter is now the first xolo in Finland that now competes in agility's highest 3rd class! SUPER work and lots of congrats Kristiina & Milo!

25.-26.7.15 Latvia, Adazi cacib & cac shows

We travelled to Latvia with Fuego and Gael and came home with new Latvian champion and International Champion (C.I.B.) Fuego and Latvian Veteran Champion Gael!
It was like a perfect show weekend for us since on both days Fuego was BOB and Gael BM2. On saturday there was 3 standard males and on sunday 4.

Also Fuego got a group placement on sunday when he was BIG4! Judge was Miroslaw Redlicki from Poland.


18.07.15 Sukaro Open Show

We had a lovely day at our breed club's Open Show. All my boys were with me and also Sisu's brother Dono.
Dono was judge's (Kirsi Honkanen) pick to "best movements of the show"! Well done Dono! There were more than 40 dogs entered. He was also BM2.
Gael was BOB-veteran and BIS-veteran! He had a blast in the ring!
Fuego was 2nd in champion class and Sisu 2nd in open class after Dono.


SSKY Speciality Show

Superb day!! All my boys and little girl Anya did great! BOB and a new Finnish Champion with excellent critique was Adentro Tlazopilli "Nacho". BM2 and beaten by his son was Fullibus Super Trouper "Fuego", BM3 & BOB-veteran was Fame Factory's Exclusive "Gael" and Anya at her fist show BOB-puppy!

Nacho was also short listed to top6 at BIS-competition, that was something special!

BOB Adentro Tlazopilli, BOB Jamming Tail 'cuz I Can


July 2015

My boys are enjoying summer at our summer cottage

June 2015

We had two very succesfull trip to Salo this june. First there was All breed dogshow where Gael was BOB & BOB-veteran (3 xolos entered). Sisu got great critique also, but got "very good" because of his soft ears.

Sisu's time to shine was couple of weeks later when we took part of two rally-obedience competition. He was FANTASTIC! Better than ever! On first track we got our best score ever 96/100, 3rd in our class and judge's favorite! On 2nd track he was a bit tired, but we still got 89/100 and title RTK2 and we will keep competing on winner class (propably not until next year though).


Welcome to Finland Anya! She is daughter of Tecuani Marisol & Coyul (Avalos) .


22th of may was Gael's 8 birthday and we celebrated it with a long walk in the forest and juicy pork bone.
Today we went to Helsinki Int dogshow where Gael was first time in veteran class. He did great and was BOB & BOB-Veteran with excellent critics.


Sisu and me had our first competition in rally obedience's open class. He was in a super good working mood and we got good 88/100 points in a quite difficult track. Well done Sisu!


First dog show for Fuego this year! It was cold and windy, but still BOB for my baby. Our judge was Tiina Taulos from Finland.


Today at Lahti International dogshow Adentro Tlazopilli "Nacho" was Bm1, BOS and
got his 2nd CAC and 1st CACIB! Well done Nacho!
Our judge was Pirjo Aaltonen from Finland.

"Well proportionated, balanced male. Typical head & expression. Good ears, neck and topline. Good body. Good skin. Good tail carriage. Moves well when he wants to."


Super start to a new show year 2015! Nimue & Dono were entered to Turku International dogshow to be judged by Catherine Rooney from Ireland. Both "puppies" were very active on the ring and the judge liked that! So great results are here: Nimue BOB & CAC & CACIB and a new FI CH! Dono got his second CAC and was BOS! Happy, happy, happy!



Fuego is a new Finnish Winner 2014!
He showed himself nicely to our new breedjudge Kati Kilpeläinen and was BM1, BOS, CACIB and Winner -14.



History  was made today! My own Sisu got his 3rd result from rally obidience and is now first xolo in Finland that has title from official trial. Well done Sisu! You are SO smart little boy!


August 2014

During my summer holiday me and my boys have been doing all kind of summer fun. We have swam a lot (well, Sisu a lot, Fuego lot and Gael some), run at the lure coursing practice and train some rally. Summer have been really hot, just the way mexicans like it!

At 9th of august Fuego and I took part of one of the world's greatest dogshow World Dog Show in Helsinki. Fuego did great! He was so happy in the ring and I'm very pleased with his result. He got Excellent and was 3rd out of 7 champion males!

Also history was made 16th of august when Sisu and I managed to get qualified result from our 2nd official rally-obidience competition. Go xolos!



A.Yaotl "Dono" and Gema de mi Alma "Nimue" were entered to Mäntsälä all breed dogshow. This time VG1 for Dono and BOS & CAC (2nd one) for Nimue. 


July 2014

Adentro Xolos are making history! First Adentro Ichtaca "Sisu" was the first in his breed in Finland who took part on official rally obidience competition. Sisu did great and we will keep on competing in the future.

Also Adentro Tlacaelel "Milo" who was the first xolo in Finland who is competing in agility took agility CAC and moved from the 1st agility class to the

2nd class. Congrast Milo and his owner Kristiina, well done!

So so so happy and proud of these two little fellows! They will show everyone that xolos is good dog for (almost ) every sporty there is! They are not only beautiful they are super smart too!



5.7. 14

This year at SSKY Speciality Show we had 3 standard xolos. Fuego was BOB! It was his 3rd speciality show on a row and every year he has been best male and two times BOB. He is such a good boy!
Fuego's son Nacho got excellent from junior class. Judge (Nina Janger) thought he still needs some time.



Kind of historical day today at Forssa all breed dogshow. Sisu is the first coated xolo who have got CAC after the change in the breed standard that allows coated to enter the showrings! He was BM2 and Fuego was BOB out of 5 standard xolos. Our judge was Juha Putkonen from Finland whom gave great critics to my boys. Their movements and great muscular condition impressed the judge.




We made a really nice and succesfull trip to Viborg, Russia. Fuego was BOB, got CAC and can now add Russian Champion title before his name. Gael did also great being bestmale2 + res.CAC. Our judge was Marja Talvitie from Finland.


Sisu and I attended to our first unofficial rally-obidience competition. Sisu was as great little dog as always! We got 94/100 from the first track and 88/100 from the second. In this year we will take part some more unofficial rally-o's and also some official ones.



Excellent day today at Järvepää all breed dogshow! Nacho (A.Tlazopilli) was BOB and got his first CAC and Nimue BOS and also got her first CAC! Well done my beautiful puppies!
Our judge was Jetta Tschokkinen from Finland.



Fuego was BOB and got his 9th CACIB from Finland today at Lahti International dogshow. Well done Fuego!
Our judge was Hilkka Salohalla from Finland and there was 3 standard xolos entered.



First dogshow for this year was a group show at Vesijärvi. Dono was at his 2nd show and behaved quite well in the ring. Our judge Perttu Ståhlberg gave him nice critique with BOB & CAC rosettes! Well done Dono!
Nimue was a little nervous in the ring and got VG this time.



3 days 3 dogshows!

Our results:

Helsinki Winner Show: Adentro Yaotl "Dono" VG2

Nordic Winner Show: Adentro Tlazopilli "Nacho" VG2, Fullibus Super Trouper "Fuego" VG1

Winner - Voittaja 2013: Adentro Tlazopilli "Nacho" EXC2, BM3, res-CAC,
                                    Fullibus Super Trouper "Fuego" EXC1, BM2, CACIB

We will be back in the rings in spring with Dono, Nacho and Nimue!



Fuego and I visited Baltic Winner Show in Latvia and Fuego was BM2 & res-CACIB.



We ended our summer doshow turnee with another victory. In SSKY Speciality Show
Fuego was BOB! There was 4 adult standard xolos entered and two puppies. Sisu was one of those puppies and he got a really nice critique from our judge Tuula Savolainen.
Milo (A.Tlacaelel) didn't enjoy the rainy weather and got very good.


5th dogshow in a row and once again with some nice results. Fuego was BOB at Porvoo all breed dogshow. Our judge was Peter Machetanz from Germany. He gave very nice critique to Fuego.


Today was a lovely and sunny day at Vantaa All Breed Dogshow. 3 standard xolos entered and Gael was BOB! Well done Gael! He showed himself beautifully.

Today is also Fuego's 3rd birthday! Happy Birthday sweet and always happy Fuego!



It was Nacho's (A.Tlazopilli) 3rd puppyshow today and he was BOB-puppy for the 3rd time! Nacho is a really nice puppy with great temperament. He looks a lot like his father Fuego, but has perfect ears, unlike his father. Hopefully Nacho will continue devoloping as well he has did since now.
Lulu (A.Icnoyotl) was in the ring for the first time and she was a little spooked about that. She got nice critique, but no HP this time. Lulu has nice body and movements, when she wants to show them.



Superrrr day at Tervakoski int dogshow! I had entered Nimue, Fuego and Gael to a well respected judge Leni Finne, whom really loves hairless breeds and I'm really glad it did, because for the first time Nimue was great in the ring and was BOB-puppy with HP AND both Fuego and Gael got excellent with CQ. After all Fuego was BOB and got CACIB and Gael was BM2 + res-CACIB. There was 5 standard xolos enteres. HAPPY!



We took a trip to Estonia to participate to 2 international dog shows with Fuego, Nacho (his first shows!) and Nimue. Results were very nice since Fuego was 2 x BOB, 2 x CACIB, got CAC right away on saturday and became Estonia Champion! Nacho was BOB-puppy both days and showed himself beautifully! Nimue didn't get HP since she is yet a little shy in the ring, but these dog shows were good practice for her for the future.



Dono (A.Yaotl) and Nimue had their first puppy show today. Our judge was Jaana Hartus from Finland. She liked Dono very much, gave him super nice critique and made him BOB-puppy with HP. Nimue was 1st out of two female puppies, but didn't get HP this time, because judge thought she was too shy.


FI & EE CH Adentro Tlacaelel "Milo" is the first xolo in Finland that competes in agility.
His owner Kristiina is doing a great work with him!


Today Gael and I had a really nice day together at Hyvinkää all breed dog show despite the fact that the judge did not like Gael at all. He still got excellent, but critique is mostly negative. But Gael behaved and showed himself so well!



Today at Tuusula all breed dogshow Fuego was BOS with very nice critique. Our judge was Sylvie Desserne from France and there was 3 standard xolos entered.



We travelled to Sweden to meet Fuego's breeder and also took part of Vännäs dogshow with  Fuego. Also Gael & Sisu were with us.
Fuego was BM2. For this time the judge didn't seem to like him too much, but Fuego still got excellent + cq, so I must be happy with that.



Nimue is here!
Daughter of Fuego and Chiba arrived to Finland at last! Welcome home little girl!



Kennel Adentro has it's first International Champion! Adentro Citlalli "Leo" got his diploma today and it's now International Champion de Beaute.

Today is't also Gael's birthday! He is now 6 years old. Love him to bits.



Another victory for Fuego! He was BOB & CACIB today at Tampere Int. Our judge was Dagmar Klein from Romania.


This year's dogshow season has been started in an excellent way. Fuego was BOB & CACIB today at Lahti International show. Judge was Merja Ylhäinen from Finland.



Leo (A.Citlalli) is now Lithuanian Champion and also Baltic Champion when he was BOB, CAC, CACIB and Lithuanian Winner -13 at Vilnius. He was BOB both days!



Leo (A.Citlalli) did great at Valmiera, Latvia. On saturday he was BOB, CAC -> LV Ch AND BEST OF GROUP 2ND! On sunday he was BM2. Congrast Leo and his family!



Puppies were born during the night. First 2 hairless males, then 3 coated males and suprise as on 6th puppy we got hairless female. Everything went really well and Exodus the mother and the puppies are doing fine.

Also, 22nd of january there was another Fuego's offsprings born in Russia. Their mother is Chichen Itza ChiBaba. She had 2 hairless males, 2 hairless females and one coated female.


Exodus was at the ultrasound today and she is expecting puppies! The vet counted about 5 puppies. I'm so happy! Can't wait these puppies to be born!



Adentro Citlalli "Leo"  was BOB + CACIB both days in St.Petersburg, Russia and also gained another new title Champion of RKF.

So he is now Fi Ch, Ee  Ch, Ru Ch & RKF Ch Adentro Citlalli 

Nomen est omen. His names means "Star inside". I'm proud of you guys!



Wow, what a weekend! Today 6 standard xolos entered the Finnish Winner Show and once again Fuego was BOB with CACIB and title Finnish Winner 2012. I'm so proud of my little boy! Our judge was Kirsi Honkanen from Finland.


Today at Helsinki Winner Show Fuego was BOB out of 4 standard xolos. He also got CACIB and a new title Helsinki Winner 2012! Judge was Esa Ruotsalainen from Finland.



Fuego's first offsprings were born last night in Russia, Kennel Tecuani. Mother is Gael's sister Nuka (Fame Factory's Too Good To Be True). There are 4 hairless puppies, 3 girls and one boy.


SSKY Speciality Show. We had 10 standard xolos. Out of 8 males Fuego was the best and BOS. Gael was 3rd and Sinco 4th in champion class with excellent. Milo (A.Tlacaelel) also got excellent.




Today was his 2nd birthday and right away he got his 12th and last CAC needed!

Sinco was also showed and got Excellent1.



Official hip and elbow results:

Fuego A/A, 0/0

Exodus A/A, 0/0

Sinco B/B, 0/0



Fuego was BOS and got his 11th CAC today at Helsinki national dogshow. Sinco wasn't at his best and got Exc1. Judge was Chritian Jouanchinot from France.



Adentro Xochiquetzal "Exodus", Fullibus Super Trouper "Fuego" and Xibalba's Olli "Sinco" were health checked and they all have healthy eyes, knees and heart. We are still waiting for the results about their hips and elbows, but they looked wonderfull.

Now it's time to start waiting for Exodus to come in heat.



Dogshow weekend!

Saturday at all breed dogshow in Kouvola (2 standard xolos entered) Adentro Cuicatl "Liani" was BOS and got her 3rd CAC so she is now a new Finnish Champion and 4th champion from Adentro's first litter!

Sunday all breed dogshow in Heinola (3 standard xolos entered) Liani was also BOS and Xibalba's Olli "Sinco" was BOB!



Today we had our club Pemeka's Open Show. We had 14 hairless and 2 coated standard xolos + one hairless mini xolo. Also 28 peruvians in all 3 sizes. So 45 dogs! Our judge was Esa Ruotsalainen from Finland.

Fullibus Super Trouper "Fuego" was BOB, Fame Factory's Exclusive "Gael" BM2, Xibalba's Olli "Sinco" BM3, Adentro Xochiquetzal "Exodus" 3rd in champion class, Adentro Tlacaelel "Milo" 4th in champion class. Nieve was BOS-coated! AND Fuego was also BIS2! What a day!!



Leo (A.Citlalli) was BOB + CACIB today at Mikkeli Int. Judge was Auli Vitikainen from Finland.



Fuego was BOS and got his 10th CAC today at Forssa All Breed Dogshow. 7 standard xolos entered (5+2). Gael didn't like the heavy rain, but still got excellent and won his class. Milo (A.Tlacaelel) also got excellent and was 2nd in champion class.



Today at Karjaa Fuego got excellent, but not cq because the judge didn't like his ears. She said that she really liked him and it's a shame that his ears are too soft.. Well, you can't win everytime!

Milo (A.Tlacaelel) got the same results excellent, but no cq.



Great show weekend! Kennel Adentro got it's 3rd champion on Saturday at Helsinki Int when Adentro Xochiquetzal was BOS with CAC & CACIB! She was BOS also on Sunday + CACIB. Well done sweet Exodus!

My boys also did very well! On both days Fuego was BOB with CAC & CACIB (4 standard xolos entered  on Saturday and 5 on Sunday). Gael was BM2 both days.  

Milo (A.Tlacaelel) was BM3 on saturday. Leo (A.Citlalli) got the same result on sunday. Sinco was Exc3 on Sunday.



Estonian Winner International Dog Show : Fuego was BOB, (first) CACIB and title Estonian Winner 2012!



At Järvenpää all breed show: Fuego BOS + CAC. Judge Kirsi Honkanen from Finland.

At Joensuu International: Adentro Citlalli "Leo" BOB + CACIB. Juge Pekka Teini from Finland.



Leo (A.Citlalli) was in all breed dogshow in Russia. He was BOB + CAC and can now add one more title before his name RKF Champion! 



Sinco was BOB at Tampere Int. 5 standard Xolos entered (3 puppies). Judge was Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa from Finland.



Leo (A.Citlalli) was once again BOB this time at Lappeenranta all breed show. Judge was Soile Bister from Finland. Congrats Leo & his family!



Leo (A.Citlalli) was BOB & CACIB at Tallinn, Estonia International dogshow. Judge was John Walsh. Congrats!



Leo (A.Citlalli) was health checked and his eyes are clear/healty and knees 0/0. Breeder is really happy!



Turku International dogshow: Fuego was BM2 + RE-CAC & RE-CACIB. Now we'll take a little break for dgshows and be back in the rings in the summer.



In Estonia with Fuego and Milo (A.Tlacaelel). Great show weekend! On saturday Milo was BOB got CAC and is now Estonian Champion! Fuego was BOB-junior, got jun-CAC and is Estonia Junior Champion! On sunday Fuego BOB & BOB-jun, Milo VG.



Fuego is FINNISH JUNIOR WINNER 2011! He was BM3 and also got CAC.



Fuego got Excellent at Helsinki Winner Show, but not cq this time..



Jyväskylä Int. Judge Tino Pehar. BOB + CACIB Adentro Citlalli "Leo", BM2 + Res.CACIB

Adentro Tlacaelel "Milo". Congrats!



Adentro Citlalli "Leo" was BOB + CAC today at Rakvere Estonia and is now a new Estonian Champion!



SSKY speciality:

Adentro Cuicatl "Liani" Excellent1

Adentro Tlacaelel "Milo" Excellent2

Judge Markku Kipinä from Finland.



Sinco 2 years old and a new Finnish Champion!

At Porvoo dogshow Adentro Cuicatl "Liani" was BOB and got her 2nd CAC. Sinco was BOS and is now a champion. Adentro Tlacaelel "Milo" was BM2.



Milo (A.Tlacaelel) was BM2 + re-CACIB today at Tervakoski Int.



Today we had our club Pemeka Open Show for xoloitzcuintles and peruvians. There was 9 standard xolos (5 males and 4 females) and all together 33 dogs.

To my surprise Gael was BOB! He was also BIS3!! Fuego was BM2! Nieve did well also, but didn't get CQ this time. Sinco was BM4!

In pairclass Fuego & Gael were on the 3rd place (7 pairs).



Fuego was BOB and got his 5th CAC today at Turku all breed dogshow. Our judge Marianne Holm from Finland was really impressed about Fuego and especially his teeth.

Exodus (A.Xochiquetzal) got VG today and she'll be in the showrings again next year.

Leo (A.Citlalli) was BOB today at Joensuu.



Kennel Adentro has it's second champion Adentro Tlacaelel "Milo" !!! This was his first time in open class and right away he got the last CAC needed. Sweet little Milo, I'm so proud of you!

Also Adentro Xochiquetzal "Exodus" was BOS and got her second CAC at Valkeakoski all breed dogshow today.

At Joensuu International Adentro Citlalli "Leo"  was first time in champion class and was BOB + CACIB.



Adentro Citlalli "Leo" is a new Finnish Champion!! He got his 10th CAC today at Kuopio Int dogshow and became champion at his first show after he has turned 2 years old. 

Breeder is really proud of you Leo!


Fuego got his 4th CAC and won BOB over Gael at Pori International dogshow!  Our judge was Jussi Liimatainen from Finland.



Grrrrreat show weekend in Estonia! Fuego was BOB/BOB-Junior both days and got two Estonian Junior CACs! Saturday he was pick up in Best in Show junior to top 18 over about 50 juniors AND in group 5 he was placed 3!!! Big thank you to the group judge Augustin Ionescu from Romania.



Fuego did great once again in the showring! He was BOB and got his 3rd CAC today at Lammi groupshow. Judge was Esa Ruotsalainen from Finland.



Leo (A.Citlalli) was once again BOB and got his 9th CAC today at Juva all breed dogshow. Judge was Paavo Mattila from Finland. 


Fuego was BM2 and got his 2nd CAC today at Tuusula all breed dogshow. Our judge was Pekka Teini from Finland.



Wonderful day at Kotka Int. Dogshow! 7 standard xolos entered for our judge Manuel Loureiro Borges (Portugal). Fuego got excellent with cq, but didn't place in best male class this time. Sinco won his class with excellent + cq and was BM3. He got his 4th CAC! Gael also got excellent with cq (+res.cabib) and was second in champion class and 2nd best male. Well done my boys!

Leo (A.Citlalli) was BM4 + res.CAC. Milo (A.Tlacaelel) got excellent!



Fuego was BOS + CAC at his first official dogshow. He showed very well even thought it was raining. Judge Anca Giura from Romania loved him.

Exodus (A.Xochiquetzal) also did great and was BF + res.CAC. Chili (A.Tlachinolli) got VG this time.


Leo (A.Citlalli) was once again BOB this time at Hamina Int. So he got his 8th (!!!) CAC and 2nd CACIB. Judge was Kirsi Honkanen from Finland whom gave a really excellent critique to Leo. Breeder a very proud of you guys!


Leo (A.Citlalli) was BOB and got his 7th CAC today at Tohmajärvi groupshow. Judge was Liz-Beth Liljeqvist from Sweden. Congrats Eva & Jarmo once again!!


Fuego was BOB-puppy + HP and BIG2 at Lahti puppyshow. Judge was Juha Putkonen from Finland. He said that Fuego is the most beautiful xolo he has ever seen.

At same place group 5 show Sinco was BOB and got his 3rd CAC. Gael was BM2. Nieve got DIS, because the breed standard has change again and coated are not allowed to show anymore. Our judge was Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen from Finland.


Leo (A.Citlalli) was BOB at Lappeenranta Int. and got his 6th CAC and first CACIB.


At Lahti Int. both Sinco & Nieve got "very good". Milo (A.Tlacaelel) got "good".


Fuego was BOB-puppy + HP for the 4th time at Helsinki puppyshow! Judge was Jussi Liimatainen from Finland.


Chili (A.Tlachinolli) was health checked with excellent results! 

Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, knees 0/0


Fuego was BOB-puppy + HP today at Lohja puppyshow. Our judge was Hilkka Salohalli from Finland.


Fuego was BOB-puppy + HP today at Lohja puppyshow. Judge was  Esa Ruotsalainen from Finland.


Fuego was BOB-puppy and got HP today at Lohja puppyshow. Judge was Säde Hohteri from Finland.


Sinco was BM2 and got his second CAC today at Turku Int. dogshow.


Welcome Fullibus Super Trouper "Fuego"


Great Helsinki & Finnish Winner show weekend!

Saturday: Gael Exc3+BM4, Sinco VG2

Sunday: Gael Exc3, Sinco Exc2


Leo (A.Citlalli) was BOB and got his 5th CAC at Jyväskylä. Judge was Anneli Sutela from Finland.


Sinco was BM2 and got his first CAC at Lahti International dogshow. Our judge was Tuula Pratt from Finland.


Milo (A.Tlacaelel) was BOS (+BOB-Junior) and got his second CAC at Porvoo. Judge was Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa from Finland.


Leo (A.Citlalli) got his 4th CAC at Luumäki today. Judge was Jukka Kuusisto from Finland.


Nieve was BF2 + CAC at Tervakoski International dogshow.


Nieve was BIS2 at Sukaro Club Show. Gael was BM2 + HP.

Leo (A.Citlalli) had excellent show weekend: 1xBOB, 1XBM2, 2xCAC.


Nieve (A.Ahuiliztli) made history today at SSKY Speciality! She is now the fist coated xolo ever in Finland that has got CAC! Thanks to your judge Saija Juutilainen for being so openminded!

Milo (A.Tlacaelel) got VG2 and Sinco VG1. Gael was BM2.


Leo (A.Citlalli) was BOB and got his first CAC at Ristiina dogshow. Judge was Leni Finne from Finland.


Adentro's first litter is now 1 year old! Congrats Nieve, Exodus, Liani, Leo, Milo & Chili! All puppies are happy and healthy! They all have also visited some dogshows with nice results.


We had a great Pemeka Club Open Show! There was 8 standard xolos presented (4 males and 4 females). Gael was BOB + BIS2 (38 dogs entered totally). Sinco was BM3 and Nieve BF3. Exodus (A.Xochiquetzal) also did great and was BF2.


Liani (A.Cuicatl) was BOS and got her first CAC at Forssa dogshow. This was her 2nd time in juniorclass.Out judge was Miodrag Vretenicic.


 We had a nice trip in Denmark WDS!

Gael and Sinco both got "Very Good".


Kotka Int. Dogshow

Gael BOB, Sinco VG (good critics, but judge thought Sinco's missing too many teeth)

Milo (A. Tlacaelel) and Exodus (A.Xochiquetzal) got their first CAC's! 


Estonia Winner Show: Gael BOB+CACIB+Winner-10, Sinco BOB-Puppy+HP

Group 5 speciality: Gael BOB


Liani (Adentro Cuicatl) was first time in junior class in Järvenpää dogshow and got "Very Good". 


Today is Gael's 3rd birthday! Congrats my sweet little boy!


Leo (Adentro Citlalli) in Hamina Dogshow "Very Good".


Today Sinco was again BOB-puppy + HP at Riihimäki Puppyshow.

Chili (Adentro Tlachinolli) got Very Good at Turenki dogshow. Judge Marianne Holm gave him excellent critics ("Excellent type.. promising.. correct head..beautiful eyes"). 


Sinco was BOB-puppy + HP at Helsinki Puppyshow. 


Gael was BOB and Sinco BOB-puppy at Hollola. Nieve got Very Good with nice critics.

Milo (Adentro Tlacaelel) also got Very Good.


Gael was BOS at Lahti Int. dogshow. He also got his last CACIB needed and is now C.I.B.!


Leo (Adentro Citlalli) was BOB-puppy+HP at Lappenranta.

Nieve didn't get HP this time at Ruovesi.


Puppyshow in Helsinki.

Nieve was BOS-puppy +HP. Sinco was too thin for the judge and didn't get HP. See the whole results at "show results 2010". 


Gael in Turku Int. dogshow "Very Good". 


Nieve was BOB on her first puppyshow! She was the first coated xolo ever presented in a showring in Finland.

 In breederclass Kennel Adentro  (puppies Nieve, Liani, Leo and Chili) also got HP.


Gael 2 x excellent + BM2 + Re-Cacib in Finnish Winner and Nordic Winner Show. 


Sinco is here! 


Gael got the diploma and rosette for Baltic Champion title. 


Gael 2xBOB, 1xCAC, 1xCACIB at Latvia. He is now confirmed Champion of Latvia. 

* 13.09.09 

 Gael at Porvoo Dog Show BOB


Puppies were examinated by Vet and they are all healthy! They were also microchipped.

* 22.08.09

Gael at Estonia "Baltic Winner 2009"  BOB + CAC -> Estonian Champion + Baltic Winner 2009 + CACIB 

* 10.08.09

Sukaro Club Show: Pedro BOB + BIS3, Gael BM2

Pemeka Open Show: Gael BOB + Group2, Pedro BM2 

* 03.08.09

It is confirmed: Gael is a Lithuanian Champion! I got his diploma today.

* 26.07.09

Puppies are born! 5 hairless ( 2 females and 3 males) and one coated female.

* 19.07.09

Today at SSKY Speciality Show Gael was BOB, Pedro BM2. Judge was Harry Tast from Finland. 

* 02.07.09

Last friday we had some good news on the ultrasound! Adela is pregnant and there is at least five puppies, hurray! 

 * 14.06.09

Gael became Finnish Champion today at Kotka Int Dogshow where he got his last CAC and second CACIB.

Adela's ultrasound will be at june 26th, wish us luck! 

* 27.05.09

Today Adela was mated with Gael for the first time! 

 * 24.05.09

Helsinki Int Dogshow "Aptus" Gael "Very Good". Judge Carin Åkesson from Sweden.

Gael sister "Naiya" Fame Factory's Just Excellent became Finnish Champion!

Take a look of dogshow pictures of Gael and his sister Naiya: Gael and Naiya 24-05-09

 * 22.05.09

Gael's birthday, 2 years! Congrats my baby-boy!

 * 17.05.09

Adela is in heat!! 

 * 12.05.09

It has been confirmed by The Finnish Kennelclub that Gael hips and elbows are healthy.

Hips A/A

Elbows 0/0 

 * 30.04.09

Gael has been entered a couple of dogshows. First one will be at may 24th and second one 14th of june. Also we'll travel to Estonia at august to attend Baltic Winner 2009. 

 * 20.04.09

Gael is healthy!

Eyes & knees clear/healthy.  Vet Per Axelsson's opinion on hips A/A, elbows 0/0                 (x-rayphotos has been sent to Finnish Kennelclub) 

Now we just need to wait for Adela's next heat (hopefully at May)

* 03.04.09

Gael's hips, elbows, knees and eyes will be checked at Mevet by Per Axelsson at 20th of april. 

* 22.03.09

Gael's trip to Lithuania was a success!

Two new titels to my sweet boy; Lithuanian Winner 09 & Vilnius Cup Winner 09 

 * 07.02.09

Adela's eyes and knees are healthy!

Eyes: Clear

Knees: 0/0

Hips: A/A (12/07)

Elbows: 0/0 (12/07)

So hopefully we'll have puppies this year!

 * 12.01.09

Adela's knee+eye check will be 7th of february at Apex (


Gael will attend  Lithuanian Winner -09 and Vilnius Cup -09 at March 14th and 15th, if everything goes as planned.

Adela's knees and eyes will be excaminated soon.

* 24.12.08

Merry christmas and a happy new year 2009!!!

* 18.12.08

Adela is in heat.  I'll mate her next time she is in heat, propably at may. 

* 14.12.08  Finnish Winner -08

Gael BOB+CAC+CACIB+Winner-08